Right Dosage Always Gives Best Result From Tea Tree Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"You have perhaps heard the fact that tea tree oil has become quite popular as natural treatment. However, no medication or natural extract can give you the desired effect, if you do not use required amount. Some people, who have claimed that TTO does work for them, have possibly used improper dosage. The dosage is obviously not same for all the conditions. So, you may now have a look at the dosage levels for using TTO.

Tea Tree Oil- Dose to treat acne-

You know that the skin in our face is very thin, and that is why it is better to avoid too much concentrated TTO on this skin. Besides, people, who have sensitive skin, should also be more careful. You may have discomfort and irritation, while you have not applied oil in the right proportion. When your skin is very greasy, you have to dilute the oil to almost five to fifteen percent.

Infection in mouth- Know the recommended amount for using oil

Here also, the percentage for dilution is almost five percent or little less than that. You have to use this oil as your mouthwash at least 4 times every day. It may be included in your routine to maintain oral cleanliness. You can add water or any standard mouthwash for diluting your oil solution. Whenever irritation is developed inside the mouth, you may require stopping its use.

Infection in vagina-

Yeast infection may occur not only in mouth but also in your vagina. So, you have to know that the same oil is usable for your vagina. Researchers have supported the fact that the oil may completely destroy the bacteria, which causes this kind of infection.

Use diluted product (almost 0.4 percent) and you may alter it later. However, you have to apply the dosage, only with the presence of medical observation. You may use dropper for measuring the oil accurately in milliliter.

Fungus disease in toenails and its treatment

In order to get rid of fungi, you have to use TTO in pure form every day. Most of the people receive better result from this oil within almost six months.

But, remember that the fungi, which cause infections on toenail, are much tough to remove. Sometimes, you may need one year for curing the condition completely. You can better use your oil together with some standard anti-fungal drugs in order to have maximum outcome.

Infection in nasal area and skin

To treat this condition, your formulation of TTO needs to constitute ten percent. You can use a cream two times every day, and prepare a blend by adding cream (100 Gms) and tea tree oil (10 ml).

Apply the effective formulation to your nasal part for curing the infection in the path of nose. For infection inside nose, you may choose Aloe Vera in gel form.

Thus, the dosages for all the above disorder are different, and while you are applying tea tree oil, it’s essential to consider the dosage.