A Review Of The Very Best Lavender Oil On The Market

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"The benefits of lavender oil are numerous. It does not matter if you are talking about improving the health of your skin, aiding in digestion, helping you to sleep better, or simply improving the smell of your home, lavender oil has what you need to resolve a wide array of issues that you may have.

While the benefits of lavender oil are apparent, that does not mean that all products are made equal. There are clearly some that are much better than others. If you are looking for the best lavender oil, then look no further than this list.

Provence Lavender – the French do many thinks better than others around the world, and this brand of lavender is one of the very best you will find. It is not only the quality of the lavender plants that make this so special, but is also about the elevation and climate in which it is grown. All of the world this is considered one of the very best you can find. This can be used directly against the skin or in beverages and has received great reviews by consumers. Absolutely one of the very best lavender oil products on the market.

Sun Organic French Lavender –Another great French brand that you will enjoy. This oil is made with the very best ingredients and offers you the great advantage of being able to directly apply the mixture to your skin. This cannot be said of all lavender products you will find.

aVo Essentials –This is a very high quality lavender oil that comes at a reasonable price. While the quality of the lavender plants that are used is good, it is the processing that really makes a difference. The process that aVo uses is quite unique and this is why so many really enjoy using it. Is great to use in many different situations.

Eden Garden Pure Therapeutic – There are very high quality ingredients in this brand as well and it is one of the best selling lavender oil products on the market. This is used by many therapists who use aromatherapy because it has great healing effects. The only detractor to it is that it comes in a very small bottle but at the price you would pay for the larger sized bottles in other brands. Still can be well worth it.

NOW Foods – if you are looking for a product with the highest possible purity, then this really could be the one for you. The processing that this oil undergoes makes sure that the purity is maintained at its highest level. There are no additives in this and the product is kept protected by a very dark brown glass that the oil is kept in so that the sunlight cannot alter the product in any way.

Majestic Pure – this is another very popular oil primarily because those who use the product absolutely love it. It is 100 percent pure but is quite affordable. This can be used directly against the skin and is great in teas or other beverages. No doubt that you will love using this product.